11 July 2024

Malaysian police, on Wednesday, ordered a scheduled performance by Thai cross-dressing men at a club in Kuala Lumpur to be cancelled, after opposition MPs cried foul over the event.

Opposition Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) had earlier denounced the performance, dubbed “Thai Hot Guy” [sic], as being “immoral and disgusting.”

Malaysian media quoted police as saying that they had received numerous reports and had subsequently issued a stern warning to the club about next Thursday’s event.

The Privacy Club Tun Razak venue has subsequently apologised and agreed to cancel the event. The club’s promotional materials featured pictures of the Thai male dancers wearing lingerie, who would have been employed for its grand opening where, according to the promotional material, “you can meet and probably dance along with the Thai Hot Guys.”

Malaysian media quoted PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan as saying that the event “clearly goes against local values and is insensitive towards Islam as the official religion”.

“What’s more, it’s going to be held during Ramadan,” he said in a statement.

He described the event as “hedonistic” and promoting obscenity and promiscuous sex, based on promotional materials translated into English from the original Chinese text.

An aide to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim also responded to the growing controversy by saying that the venue is not licensed to host the show.