11 July 2024

The out-patient building at Mae Sot District Hospital was ordered closed yesterday (Wednesday) for five days to be disinfected, after it was discovered that two women, who were admitted for treatment after testing positive for COVID-19, had allegedly concealed information about their illegal entry into the district from Myanmar.

As a precaution, 19 medical personnel working at the building were also quarantined on the orders of Dr. Thawatchai Sethsupana, the hospital director.

It was also reported that 52 other people, including 14 police and troops, who were in close contact with the two women, one Thai and one from Myanmar, have also been placed in quarantine at a facility outside the Mae Sot township.

Police and troops, who were manning a checkpoint on the Mae Sot-Tak border road, arrested three Thai women, who used to work at a casino in the Myanmar border town of Myawaddi, after they illegally crossed the border via a natural border crossing. The women were later sent to a detention facility for COVID-19 screening, where they were found to be infected.

Police said the three women planned to travel on to their home provinces of Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and Chaiyaphum, adding that, if they managed to escape undetected, they would have spread the virus to more people.