11 July 2024

The sports stadium, in the border town of Thailand’s Mae Sot, has been designated as the site of a field hospital, to accommodate infected Thai workers returning from Myanmar’s Myawaddi Township.

The Tak provincial communicable disease committee agreed, at a meeting today (Monday), on the need for the hospital in anticipation of the arrival of more people, especially those who used to work in casinos in Myanmar, which are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hospital in Mae Sot, which is opposite Myawaddi, can only accommodate about 100 in-patients and, currently, houses 29 patients.

The meeting also agreed that more troops need to be deployed along thee porous natural border with Myanmar, to prevent Thais and Myanmar migrant workers from sneaking into Mae Sot.

Meanwhile, Thai health officials went to the Myawaddi Township today to repatriate 21 infected Thais for medical treatment.