11 July 2024

Air pollution in and around Bangkok is expected to remain bad if not worse in the next seven days due to the onset of low pressure from China which will keep PM2.5 dust particles hovering in the area from spreading out, said Deputy Prime Minister Chatchai Sarikulya.

However, he gave an assurance that the situation was under control as the government has already implemented several immediate steps to cope with the problem.

He insisted that the amount of PM2.5 particulate has not reached the level that can harm people in the affected areas which have high concentration of the very fine dust particles.

Nevertheless, he said that people in Bangkok might have to live with the dust problem until the end of February after which the situation will get better, with the weather warming up and better air circulation.

Water spraying conducted by the Royal Thai Air Force’s two planes still continues, with the operation concentrated on the areas covering Mor Chit train terminal, Chatuchak district and electric train construction sites.

Meanwhile, the Pollution Control Department reported today that only in Tambon Nakhon Pathom of Nakhon Pathom’s Muang district and along both sides of Ram II road in Samut Sakhon that the amount of PM2.5 dust particles were found to exceed 50 microns.

The amount of PM2.5 particulate was measured to range from 33-63 microns in most of the areas in and around Bangkok, said the department, adding that the air quality was described as good up to bad which may pose health hazards.

The department, again, pleaded with motorists to reduce the use of their cars and switch to public transport.