11 July 2024

There has been lukewarm response to the opening of application for senatorial posts which kicked off on Monday. 

Election Commission chairman Itthiporn Boonprakong said Tuesday that he visited the registration office in Phya Thai district on Monday and found out that there was not a single applicant showing up to apply.

Nevertheless, he said he had instructed officials at all registration offices to be on stand by, hoping that more applicants should show up later on to apply for the selection of senators at district level.

EC secretary-general Pol Col Charoongwit Poomma, meanwhile, said he believes more applicants would show up to apply, noting at the importance of the role of senators in deliberations of bills as well as the voting of the next prime minister.

He warned election inspectors to keep a close watch on suspected collusion among the applicants during the application period and the voting period although admitting that it is not easy to prevent collusion because the applicants will vote among themselves.

Despite the low turnout, he said the first day of the opening of applications went on smoothly, but without any details about the number of applicants because such information is banned by law until the last day of the applications.

An observer pointed out that the opening of applications for senatorial posts was quiet because of ban against any publicity of the identities of the applicants.     Journalists were barred from taking pictures of applicants on the grounds that senate candidates will not be allowed to campaign.