11 July 2024
Beer tap bar Bangkok

A ban on the sale of alcoholic drinks has been introduced in Thailand’s eastern province of Chanthaburi, from today (Thursday) until the end of the month, to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections, which are being blamed on social gatherings.

The liquor sale ban was issued by the provincial governor, Suthee Thongyam. It is applicable to shopping malls, department stores, convenience stores, community malls, groceries, and eateries.

In the order, the governor said that COVID-19 infections in the province continue to increase with no sign of slowing, adding that most of the new infections occurred at social gatherings and at workplaces, homes, or public venues where people usually drink.

In the same order, police, local administration officials and health officials have been designated to enforce the ban. Violators will be liable to two-year imprisonment and/or a maximum fine of not exceeding 40,000 baht on conviction according to the Emergency Decree, and/or a maximum fine of 20,000 baht according to the Communicable Diseases Act.

No new clusters have recently been found in the province. Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, however, many new infections have been reported, most linked to wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and funerals.

450 new infections were logged yesterday, including 421 Thais, 25 Cambodians, three Laotians, and one Chinese.

Total infections in the province, since April 1st this year, are 13,085. 9,691 patients have recovered and the death toll is registered at 75.