11 July 2024

The state-run Krung Thai Bank (KTB) has recently rolled out an economic stimulus program as a New Year’s gift, which includes an 800,000 baht Toyota sedan and gold necklaces for subscribers to the “Chim-Shop-Chai” (Eat-Spend-Shop) scheme who spend through their g-Wallet accounts.

Fiscal Policy Office director and spokesman for the Finance Ministry, Mr. Lawan Saengsanit, said the gifts, worth a total of 12 million baht, include a Toyota Altis, three Toyota Hilux pickup trucks, sixteen motorcycles, eighty gold necklaces of 15g each, over 549 gold necklaces of 7.5g each and thirty two 55-inch TV sets.

For every 1,000 baht accumulated spending, subscribers can win the prizes through six lucky draws, to be held at the Finance Ministry and the KTB.

Mr. Lawan urged subscribers to spend through their g-Wallet accounts so that they are eligible to enter the draw for the prizes, adding that they can also benefit from refunds amounting to 20% of their spending.

During the “Chim-Shop-Chai” program, which lasted from September 27th to December 10th, a total of 11.78 million people subscribed and their total spending amounted to 21.5 billion baht, including 9.9 billion baht spent through g-Wallet accounts by about 320,000 subscribers.