11 July 2024

Kla (Dare) party leader Korn Chatikavanij announced today that the party is not allied with any of the current political camps, but is a party which does not reject good ideas from any individual, no matter his or her political affiliation, as long as they are ready to work for the future of all Thais.

The party held a meeting of its founding members today to elect the party leader and executive committee.  As predicted, Korn was elected the party leader, along with nine committee members.

After the election, Korn told the founding members that, while several among them did not know him personally or each other, they have come together today because “this is the convergence of people from every occupation who want to see improvements in the country. Today we have businessmen, farmers, employees, academics and politicians who all share common ideas.”


The former Democrat MP said he wants the party to be a platform for people who trust the capabilities of Thailand, adding that he believes the future of a country depends on the people of the country, like Japan, South Korea and Singapore, which do not have natural resources but still prosper.

Thailand, said Korn, has everything, but lacks someone who starts doing something with knowledge, determination and in good faith and, more importantly, with courage.


“We are not with any of the opposing camps.  We were not formed to be allied with any party, but we will not reject good ideas from any individuals,” he said.

Pointing to all the challenges facing the country, from the political divide, bloated bureaucracy and obsolete laws to outdated technology and basic problems, such as water shortages, landless farmers and education, Korn said Thailand needs professionals to start work now, as does the Kla party.