11 July 2024
COVID-19 Lockdown

On the popular Larn Island off Pattaya, the local community resolved unanimously to lockdown the island until January 20th.

Sorasak Thongbongpetch, secretary of the island’s community, said the decision has the consent of residents and business operators on the island, even though they are aware that the measure will have economic impacts on them.

Under the lockdown, all tourists will be sent back to the mainland today, after which the island will be closed to all outsiders, while people on the island are banned from leaving.  All boat services between the island and the mainland are suspended, with the exception of vessels delivering food and drinking water.

About 500 Cambodian migrant workers have been cleared of COVID-19 by tests conducted by health officials, but they are prohibited from leaving the island.

Eateries on the island are allowed to accept takeaway orders only, said Sorasak

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Woravuth Silpa-archa, assured today that all national parks remain open, but the number of visitors must be reduced by 50%, instead of 70% as imposed earlier after the first COVID-19 outbreak last year.

He said that the chief of each national park has been authorized to set limits or restrictions as they think fit, in consultation with the governors concerned.