11 July 2024

Thailand’s Khana Kao Na, or Progressive Movement, unveiled their list of candidates today (Friday) for Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) mayoral elections in 32 provinces, as it gears up for local elections in late December.


Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit said that the candidates will campaign on the theme of “Change Thailand by starting at home.”

In an address to the candidates, the former Future Forward party leader said that the management of the budget, amounting to an estimated 800 billion baht each year, by the PAOs and Tambon Administration Organizations (TAOs) nationwide has been a failure and has not responded to the needs of the people, particularly in improving livelihoods in local communities.


He added that the Khana Kao Na would make changes to the working model of PAOs, by introducing reforms, rejecting vote buying and corruption.

Khana Kao Na, and its affiliated party, the Kao Klai, have agreed not to compete against each other, with the former focusing on PAO mayoral and TAO elections and the latter concentrating on the Bangkok gubernatorial and city council elections.

PAO mayoral and council elections are expected to be held in late December.

Other parties are also preparing for the local elections, but they are yet to reveal their lists of candidates.