11 July 2024

Southern insurgents detonated a car bomb, damaging eight vehicles in front of an old police station in
Mai Kaen district of Thailand’s southern border province of Pattani Thursday night.

A security outpost in Yarang district also came under gunfire from a different group the same night.
Police report that a pickup truck, belonging to Nam Dum Tambon administration organization, was
stolen on Thursday and is believed to have been used in the car bomb attack. The insurgents had
reportedly tied up a security guard before they stole the truck.

The car bomb, which exploded several hours after the car theft, blew a hole through the wall of the
police station and damaged eight cars, including three privately-owned vehicles, but there were no
reported injuries.

Police said the gun attack on the security outpost in Tambon Khao Toom damaged a garage, but did not
cause any injuries.