11 July 2024

A motorist narrowly escaped serious injury last night (Thursday) when a huge volume of rainwater, which had accumulated in a large plastic sheet hung on an elevated motorway construction site on the Rama II highway, crashed down onto her car.

The water’s impact cracked the windshield of the car being driven by 33-year-old Thichakorn Pothalay.

The woman told the police that she was driving to her home in a housing estate in Bang Khun Thian district last night from the Rama II area in the right lane of the Rama II highway. She said that she noticed water dripping from the elevated motorway and, suddenly, a huge amount of water crashed onto her car, forcing her to brake aggressively.

She also told the police that there are several more plastic sheets hung along the structure and that she is concerned thatthey may also give way if there is more rain.

A representative of the contractor responsible for the construction of that particular section of the elevated motorway rushed to the Samae Dam police station last night to arrange compensation.

He promised that the company would compensate the victim for the damage, but would wait for a professional assessment of the damage first.

Earlier this week, the Highways Department ordered a temporary halt to the construction of the elevated motorway, to allow inspectors to conduct safety checks after several incidents of construction materials falling from the structure onto passing vehicles had been reported.