11 July 2024

Some companies are starting to hire the elderly. They see the unique strengths these workers have that younger generations might not, and they’re using this valuable experience to help their businesses grow.

At the recent “O-Lunla Market #2” event, company representatives offered job opportunities specifically targeted at seniors. All companies recognise the strengths that the elderly bring.

During a group discussion, the Managing Director of Tropicana Oil, Suradej Ninek, said that his company welcomes seniors with experience in various fields, such as accounting, taxation, law, marketing, HR and engineering.

“Experience is a valuable asset found in our senior staff,” said Suradej, adding that they contribute a lot to the company and mentor younger generations, cultivating empathy and social understanding among their juniors. This improves human resources and company development.

‘Cafe Amazon for Chance’, a social enterprise coffee shop, is also actively hiring senior staff across its 330 branches in Thailand, with plans to expand to over 500 outlets.

“The strength of our senior staff lies in their patience and interpersonal skills,” noted Phuree Smittinet, their project manager, adding “Their charisma and friendliness enhance customer engagement and add warmth to our business.”

Meanwhile, the Lotus supermarket chain has a ’60 Awesome’ (‘60 Young Jaew’) program, offering opportunities for senior citizen to work at branches throughout Thailand, with 198 senior staff currently employed and a goal to reach 400.

“Elderly staff pay attention to detail and they have a calm attitude,” explained Numpol Trakanrat, Lotus’s representative, adding “They excel in tasks like sorting fruit and vegetables and can provide valuable advice to customers on cooking ingredients.”

Similarly, HomePro, a retail home improvement business, values seniors and offers positions across all proficiency levels.

“The treasure of our senior staff lies in their knowledge,” said Chanan Wattanasoontorn, Assistant Vice President of Talent Acquisition at HomePro, adding “They willingly pass on their expertise to younger colleagues, such as former teachers passing on knowledge about electronics and construction materials.”

While encouraging experienced retirees to join his team, Chanan emphasises the importance of talking with family members before applying. He revealed that, from time to time, he has encountered situations where newly hired senior staff had to resign soon afterwards due to their family finding that their parents had returned to work.

The “O-Lunla Market #2” event, specifically designed for senior citizen, was held at EmQuartier in Bangkok last week. Seniors had a chance to unleash their economic potential, including job seeking, while enjoying great food and shopping for goods from vendors aged 55 and over. They could also participate in singing, dancing, vibrant performances and much more.