11 July 2024

People living near the Chao Phraya River, downstream of the Chao Phraya Dam in Thailand’s central province of Chai Nat, have been advised by the Royal Irrigation Department to move their valuables to higher ground to avoid river overflows.

The department said that it has decided to increase the discharge rate of water through the dam, from 1,500m3/s to 1,800m3/s from of Saturday, adding that this will cause the level of water in the river, from Sapphaya district of Chai Nat province, through Sing Buri and Ang Thong provinces, to Ayutthaya province, to rise 40-80cm in the next 2-5 days.

The department said that low-lying areas near the river are most susceptible to river overflows.

Water levels downstream of the dam yesterday (Saturday) were measured at 12.66 metres above mean sea level.

Meanwhile, the National Water Command Centre said that the volume of water flowing into the Chao Phraya Reservoir has increased to between 1,900-2,000m3/s, including about 300m3/s from the Sakae Krang River in Uthai province.

According to the command centre, flooding has been reported in four districts of Suphan Buri province, one district in Prachin Buri province, one each in Chachoengsao and Chaiyaphum, five in Ayutthaya and two in Khon Kaen.

Ayutthaya’s Deputy Governor, Prateep Karnmitri, called a meeting of authorities yesterday to assess the situation, following an announcement by the Royal Irrigation Department.

He said that over 5,000 houses in Sena, Bang Sai, Bang Ban, Phak Hai and Bang Pahan districts are now being affected by flood waters.

Officials have also been instructed to reinforce the flood walls, to protect archaeological sites and industrial estates in the province.

In Chat Trakan district of Phitsanuloke province, two people were electrocuted in their flooded houses.

The Meteorological Department issued a warning of heavy to very heavy rain today and tomorrow in 71 provinces, including Bangkok.