11 July 2024

A privy councilor has told a seminar, on the occasion of Anti-Corruption Day on Friday, that he is sick of the seemingly endless talking about the scourge of corruption, stressing that it was high time for action, not just words.

General Paiboon Khumchaya, a member of the Privy Council and former justice minister, made the remarks during his speech, titled “Unity against corruption”, delivered at a seminar organized by the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand, a private entity dedicated to fighting graft.

The event was attended by about 500 members of the private and public sectors and the general public.

In his speech, General Paiboon said, as a soldier, he regards the scourge of corruption as an evil, but admitted that he didn’t know how to deal with it, because it is very difficult to eliminate.

He said that he learned how corruption is working in the government bureaucracy and why corrupt officials regularly escape unpunished, adding that corruption remains endemic in the bureaucracy despite several measures being adopted to deal with the scourge, including the promulgation of a law regarding government procurement programs, the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Criminal Court for Corruption Cases.

“Today, representatives of the public, independent organizations, government officials and representatives of political parties are represented at this seminar. What I find disturbing is ‘what is the point of another seminar and more talks?’ With our eyes closed, we know how the seminar will conclude, but when there are guidelines, why not just take action without any more seminars,” said the privy councilor.