Hackers stealing vaccination appointments for sale to face stiff legal action

Thailand’s Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob has promised stiff legal action against hackers who allegedly stole information, from the computer system of a mobile phone service provider, about people who have registered for vaccination at Bangkok’s Bang Sue Grand Station vaccination centre and offered the appointments for sale for between 500-1,000 baht each.

The minister said today that the hacking has been detected by the mobile phone company and a complaint has been filed with the police asking them to track down the hackers whom, he added, may face imprisonment of up to 10 years on conviction.

He said that police will also investigate whether there are any officials involved in this illegal activity.

Regarding anyone who has paid the hackers to jump the queue, Mr. Saksayam said those who cooperate and offer information to the police, or to produce evidence of payments made to the hackers, will be spared legal action and will be vaccinated.

Those who refuse to cooperate, however, will face legal action and will lose the right to be inoculated, he added.

The minister warned the public not to fall prey to con men offering the ability to get inoculated without having to register for appointments, adding that they may lose their money and risk prosecution.


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