11 July 2024

The government has not cut the budget for the Gold Card universal health program, but has increased health benefits for card holders as well as injected an additional 6.5 billion baht into the National Health Security Fund.

Brushing off what she described as unfounded reports that the government has decided to trim 680 million baht from the funding for Gold Card program, government spokeswoman Mrs. Narumon Pinyosinwat said today (Sunday) that the cabinet has approved a 191 billion baht budget for the 2020 fiscal year for the Gold Card Fund and an additional 6.5 billion baht for the National Health Security Fund, which means that each Gold Card holder will be eligible for 3,600 baht health coverage annually.

Mrs. Narumon said that, additionally, the Gold Card program will attach importance to quality medical treatment for Gold Card holders, with additional health benefits such as free vaccines against diarrhea for children, a triage process for intestinal and cervical cancers, micro-surgery to shorten the time spent in hospitals, additional anti-AIDS medication and dialysis service at home.