11 July 2024

The apprehension of school director Prasitthichai Khaokaew, a suspect in the gold shop murders, by the Crime Suppression Division’s Hanuman special unit, was the outcome of an extensive joint effort by police and forensic experts, who analysed CCTV footage from the crime scene and along possible escape routes.

Informed police sources have told Thai PBS that the experts studied the clothing of the robber, including his long-sleeved black sweater with grey patches on the shoulders, and his black sneakers, which provided clues about his unique taste in clothing.

Forensic experts analysed the robber’s stance and walk until they agreed that the robber was someone who had undergone surgery on his right knee.

Then they looked at the gun he used and thought it could be a Czech made 9mm CZ SP75-01. They then delved into the records of registered owners of this model and found it belonged to a police officer.

Pol Lt-Gen Amphon Buarupporn, commissioner of Region 1 Provincial Police Bureau, said that police relied on hard forensic evidence to track down the suspect.

Regarding the robber’s escape route, police examined CCTV from the mall in Lop Buri province, where the crime was committed and where the robber was seen riding a white and red Yamaha motorcycle away from the mall.

The robber rode past Wat Dong Noi, turned right in Motel 111 lane toward Ban Mai Khun Nuan and then turned right through Tambon Tha Sala onto Pahonyothin highway. He then made a U-turn in front of Thai Rath Wittaya 1 School to turn into Chompon Road, turned left into Erawan Road before entering Lop Buri View housing estate, where Mr. Prasitthichai has a house.

The arrest of Prasitthichai, director of a school in Sing Buri province, was carried out by an elite police unit, Hanuman, set up by the Crime Suppression Division in November to replace its commando unit which has been transferred to His Majesty the King’s Ratchawallop royal guard unit.

It took the police 14 days to apprehend the suspect.

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