11 July 2024

The famous Gems Market, or Gems Road, in Thailand’s the eastern province of Chanthaburi has been ordered to close for 14 days, after a group of 52 African gem traders were found to be infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Apirak Pisut-arporn, the provincial health chief, said Friday that this cluster of infections has affected a large group of people, hence the need to conduct active screening among all the Africans in the province and other people in their communities.

The infected have been sent to hospitals for treatment, while those who were in close contact with them have been placed in isolation and under observation.

Governor Suthee Thongyaem also expressed concern that the infected African gem traders might have spread the disease among Muslims in the province, because they are also Muslims and pray at the Mosque during the fasting month of the Ramadan.

He said those who attended prayers at the mosque will be asked to report for COVID-19 screening quickly, to prevent the further spread of the disease.