11 July 2024

Police forensic officers took evidence related to the TV actress’s drowning to the Nonthaburi Muang district police station today (Tuesday), as the victim’s five friends reported themselves to police for further questioning and tests.

The evidence includes wine bottles, glasses and plastic wraps among other items.

One of the five, Kratik, who was the actress’s manager, took a bodysuit with her, which was worn by the deceased, Nida Patcharaveerapong, aka “Tangmo”, on the night she fell into the river, to be passed to the police as evidence.

Last night, police in charge of the case invited one of the witnesses, who was among the group of six on board the speed boat from which Nida fell into the Chao Phraya River, to take part in a re-enactment at the scene of the incident.

The witness, Wisapat Manomairat, aka “Sand”, claimed that Nida held onto her legs as she was urinating over the transom of the boat, before she accidentally fell into the river last Thursday night.

Police said today that forensic officers will physically examine Wisapat again.

The Nonthaburi provincial court has already issued warrants for the arrests of two individuals, the owner of the speed boat and the helmsman at the time Nida fell.