11 July 2024

The Bang Sue railway station vaccination centre is offering the public free inoculations, with the Moderna vaccine, from Monday.

Those over 18-years-old can enter via Gate 1 of the station, without prior registration, from 9am until 3pm. Due to the limited supply of Moderna vaccine, the free inoculationservice will end once the supply runs out.

Those who are unvaccinated will be given Moderna as the first dose, to be followed by a Pfizer jab after a 28-day interval.

Those who have already made bookings to receive their third or fourth doses, using the Pfizer vaccine, can notify officials at the registration point if they want to change to Moderna.

They can also choose to receive their booster shots either by intramuscular injection of one or a half dose of vaccine or 0.1ml of vaccine subcutaneously.

Those who have already received four doses of vaccine and want to receive a fifth can consult doctors at the vaccination centre.