Fortune-teller sentenced to 4,355 years in jail for fraud

A well-known fortune-teller, widely known as “Sinsae Shogun”, was sentenced to 4,355 years in prison today after she was found guilty of 871 counts of fraud charges by the Criminal Court for cheating 871 customers who were lured into buying food supplements from her company with.

Her customers were led to believe that their purchases would entitle them to overseas trips that never took place.

Ms Pasit Arinchalapit, 31, was a well-known fortune-teller before she expanded into a business of selling food supplements that subsequently landed her in troubles.

Two  of her other company staff members, Ms Tatdao Samakkasikan, Sinsae Shogun’s personal secretary, and Mrs Parinthorn Honghirun Duckor were also given 4,355 years in prison.

The court however acquitted six other co-defendants due to insufficient evidence against them.

Pasit, who is better known as Sinsae Shogun, a director of Wealth Ever Company, was found guilty of duping 871 customers to join the firm’s memberships by paying 9,700 baht per head and were given two cans of food supplements each with a promise that they would be taken on a tour of Japan, Hong Kong or South Korea.

However, hundreds of her the customers showed up at Suvarnabhumi airport afterwards only to learn that they had been cheated.

The court handed down five years for each of the 871 counts of fraud charges, bringing the combined prison term to 4,355 years.  However, since the law stipulated the combined sentences for all the counts of the same charge must not exceed 20 years, the fortune-tellers and two of her aides will serve a maximum jail term of20 years.

Her company, Wealth Ever, was also fined 435 million baht.


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