11 July 2024

Former activist monk, Phra Buddha Issara, was released on bail from Bangkok special prison on late Wednesday night.

A white van with the former abbot of Wat Or Noi on board was seen leaving the prison at about 9.20 pm.  It was not known where the van was headed.

About 50 followers of the former monk gathered in front of the prison on Wednesday night after it was reported that he would be granted bail and temporarily released from the prison on Thursday morning.

Phra Buddha Issara was defrocked after he was charged with assaulting and illegally detaining two Special Branch police officers during the mass protests against the Yingluck government four years ago.  After leaving monkhood, he assumed his former name, Suvit Thongprasert.

The former protest leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Commttee is due to appear before the Criminal Court on Thursday to face charge of assault and illegal detention to be filed against him by the prosecutor.