11 July 2024

Former Future Forward party’s New Gen Network (NGN) committee members have renewed their call for the party to reconsider the firing of the entire committee, while warning that it will reveal information “which may put the party at risk of being dissolved” if its call is not heeded by June 30th.

The NGN has a policy to promote a new generation of people to more significant roles in the political and social arenas.

One of the 26 founding members of the party, and a core member of the NGN, Ms. Wipawan Wongsawang, told the media that the party keeps postponing consideration of the former committee members’ pleas for a review of the dismissal order, which she described as unjust.

The former NGN committee was accused of misusing party money, which Ms. Wipawan strongly denies, adding that the party’s executive fired the NGN committee in November last year based on complaints of improper use of budget, without an actual investigation to verify the complaints. She argued that all expenditure by the NGN committee passed the party’s accounting department and treasury.

“If there was anything improper about the spending, how come the accounting department and the treasury approved the spending?” she asked.

Ms. Wipawan conjectured that their dismissal might be linked to somebody defying an order to delete from social media a post, by the party leader, calling for military reform.

In addition to Ms. Wipawan, the other committee members axed were Nalatporn Krairiksh, Kanpong Thaveesoo, Akarapol Thongpoon and Prempat Plitponkarnpim.  Only Ms. Wipawan and Prempat quit the party after their dismissal.

So far, the party has not provided any details about the alleged improper spending by the NGN committee.