11 July 2024

Former Future Forward MP Benja Saengchan lodged a complaint with Bang Po police today, claiming that she was intimidated after she leaked a telephone conversation about cash rewards, of as much as 23 million baht, being offered for the defection of each of the MPs from the now dissolved party.

After her exposure of the alleged bribes on Monday, she claimed that one MP, whom she did not identify, approached her in parliament at about noon, telling her that a man had warned her to be careful because of her whistle-blowing.

Additionally, she told the police that another unidentified government MP had warned her to be careful.  Later today, she claims to have received yet another threat and then decided to file a complaint with the police.

In parliament on Tuesday, a group of former Future Forward MPs, led by party-list MP Prasertpong Sornnuwat, played an audio clip for the media, which they claimed was a conversation between Adisak Sombatkham, former election candidate, and Samlee Raksuthi, a party-list MP, about the financial offers to defect.