11 July 2024

Heavy rain lashed Pattaya late Monday night, causing flooding in several areas of the resort city, as the Meteorological Department forecasts heavy rain in northern, eastern and central regions, including Bangkok and its suburbs, today (Tuesday).

The beach road and the Sukhumvit road in South Pattaya, especially the section in front of the highway police station,were flooded on both the in-bound and out-bound lanes.

The road running parallel to the railway, behind the Tham Samakkhi temple, was flooded and impassable by small vehicles.

City officials said that they are trying to drain the flood water into the sea, so traffic can resume as normal this morning (Tuesday).

Flooding is still reported in Lomsak district of the northern Phetchabun province and in Lom Khao and Dan Sai districts of the north-eastern province of Loei today. Lom Sak district’s economic zone and about 700 households in five communities in the municipal area are under water today.

In the north-eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani, Governor Suphasit Korcharoenyos said that the water level in the Mun River is now 7.92 metres and, if the level rises above the 8-metre threshold, the river will breach the flood wall and flood the Warin Chamrap district township.

He added that workers have been rushing to reinforce the flood wall with sand bags.

Meanwhile, the National Water Resources Office issued a warning of overflows and flash floods in 13 parts of the north-eastern provinces from this Thursday until Wednesday next week.

The office said that the water levels in nine huge reservoirs is now over the upper rule curve, while the water level in moderate and small reservoirs is more than 80% of capacity, making it possible for water to spill over and inundatesurrounding areas.

According to the office, more than 16,000 households in 34 districts of nine northern and north-eastern provinces have been affected by flooding and over 64,000 hectares of agricultural land in 19 central, northern and north-eastern provinces have been damaged.

The Meteorological Department reports today that a moderate cold front from China is now covering the northern and north-eastern regions of Thailand, while the southwestern monsoon is hovering over the Andaman Sea, the southern region and the Gulf of Thailand.

This weather condition will bring heavy rain and strong winds to parts of the northern region, as the department warns of flash floods at the foot of mountains and river overflows.

Heavy rain is forecast today in 80% of the northern region and 70% of the central and eastern regions. 60% of areas in Bangkok and suburbs are predicted to experience heavy rain and isolated strong winds.