11 July 2024

Security forces have been combing the Nang Chan mountain range, which straddles the borders of
Muang district of Yala and Kok Po district of Pattani, to search for suspects involved in November 5 th
attack on a defence outpost in Tambon Lam Phraya of Yala’s Muang district, killing 15 volunteers and
injuring five others.

Five suspects were apprehended for questioning in pre-dawn raids on nine targets in Krong Penang,
Bannang Sata and Muang districts of Yala province today (Thursday).
An informed source tells Thai PBS that some of the suspects involved in the November 5 th attack were
believed to be hiding in Nang Chan mountain range.

The search operation by police, army troops and para-military rangers, which started yesterday, is due
to end on November 25 th .

The Fourth Army Region has warned local villagers not to venture into the Nang Chan mountain range
during the operation for their safety.
Other suspects have already been held for questioning.

More than 30 insurgents and their sympathisers are believed to have been involved in the attack on the
defence outpost, with the bulk of them carrying out the attack, some serving as lookouts and others
burning car tyres and scattering spikes on the road to hamper pursuit by the authorities.