WHO reports largest single-day increase in COVID-19 cases worldwide

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases to date. New infections today were 141,794 with 3,636 fatalities.

The United States is still leading the pack with 2,387,153 accumulated infections and 122,619 fatalities.  Worldwide. Thailand is ranked 92nd

Thailand today recorded five new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases among those quarantined after arriving from abroad, but no new fatalities.

CCSA assistant spokesperson Dr. Panprapha Yongtrakul said today (Tuesday) that two of the new infected patients had returned from Egypt. One is a 31-year old student and the other a 22-year old domestic worker.  Both arrived in Thailand on June 9th and entered state quarantine on the same day.  They were found to be infected on June 20th, in a second test, after the first tests on June 13th were negative.

The three other new infections are a 32-year old woman and a 22-year man, who both worked at a spa, and a 52-year old man working as a crane driver. They arrived from Qatar on June 16th and entered state quarantine. All were asymptomatic and tested positive for the virus on June 21st.

Cumulative infections in Thailand have increased to 3,156 today, with 3,023 recoveries and 75 others still in hospital. The country’s death toll remains 58.

In preparation for the reopening of schools on July 1st, Dr. Panprapha said the Education and Public Health ministries have produced a manual, on how to protect oneself from coronavirus, to be distributed to all schools so teachers, parents and students know what they are supposed to do.

Some of the guidelines in the manual include students wearing face masks all the time while in the classroom, a limit of 20 primary school children per class, not more than 25 in secondary school classes and regular disinfecting of hand contact points.

In case there are more students than the limit set for each class, she said that school management must stagger attendance, with one group attending class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the other on Tuesday and Thursday.




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