11 July 2024

Five immigration police officers were sentenced to 15 years in prison each today, after they were found guilty by the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases of extorting 10 million baht from a Chinese businessman in exchange for dropping a charge against him.

The sixth defendant, a civilian named “Surachai”, was given ten years in prison.

Named as defendants by the public prosecutors were Pol Maj Sorawit, Pol Maj Chirapat, Pol Lt Suriya, Pol Lt Prawit and Pol MSgt (first class) Phirasak.

According to the prosecutors’ charge sheet, the five immigration officers arrested the Chinese businessman at his residence in Din Daeng area on March 10th last year, on a charge of using a fake Thai ID card. The Chinese man and his Thai girlfriend were taken to a vehicle which then took them to several places other than the immigration office.

While driving around, the officers demanded 10 million baht from the businessman, in exchange for dropping the charge. The businessman agreed to the deal and sent digital money to one of the officers before both of them were released.

The Thai woman later filed a police complaint against the five immigration officers and Surachai.