First conversation between rescuers and the young survivors

A video clip posted on the Facebook of Thai Navy SEAL shows the moment the first team of rescuers, believed to be British divers, encounters the missing 12 young footballers and their coach at a spot near Pattaya Beach in Tham Luang cave Monday night. Following are excerpts from what is believed to be the first conversation between them. Some of the boys spoke with a mix of Thai and English and some parts are inaudible.

Boys: Hey you, thank you, thank you
Rescuer: How many of you?
Boy: Thirteen
Rescuer: Thirteen. Brilliant
Boy: Yeah, yeah. We going today?
Rescuer: Not today. Not today. You have to tell them. We are coming. It’s okay. Many people are coming. We are the first.
Boy: What is today?
Rescuer: What day is it now? Monday. Monday. You have been here for 10 days. 10 days. You are very strong, very strong.
Boys: Inaudible
Rescuer: Ok. Get back. We come. We come.
Boy: We are hungry.
Rescuer: I know. I know. I understand. We come. Ok, we come.
Boy: Tell them we are hungry (in Thai).
Boy: They said they know (in Thai).
Rescuers: We come, we come.
Boy: We haven’t eaten (in Thai). We have to eat, eat, eat.
Boy: Already told them (in Thai).
Rescuer: Navy SEAL will come tomorrow, with foods and doctors and everything.
Boys: I am very happy,
Rescuers: We are happy too
Boys: Thank you so much, thank you so much.
Rescuers: Ok.
Boys: Where do you come from?
Rescuers: England, Uk.
Boys: Oh!


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