11 July 2024

The Fiscal Policy Office has been instructed to hold discussions with the Commerce Ministry and the private sector about the Finance Ministry’s plan to introduce the so-called “Sharing Economy” concept to help skilled workers earn more income and also to help train the unskilled so they have a means to make a living.

Finance Minister Apisak Tantiworawong said to further enhance the “Sharing Economy” concept, the Finance Ministry might put in place a central application to put together all the skills which are necessary and hard to find, such as electrical mechanics, plumbers and contractors so that people who need their services can make contact with them.

In the initial stage, the minister said that he would seek cooperation from the Siam Cement Group, a huge supplier of construction materials, to be the central figure in setting the standard of the skilled artisans, selecting and accepting them for registration because SCG is closely associated with construction materials stores which are familiar with the artisans.


Mr Apisak said further he would order Thailand Post to implement the “Sharing Economy” concept by franchising delivery services to private operators without the need to expand its services with its own funding.