11 July 2024

Thai police found a farm truck on Friday night, which was owned by an ethnic Hmong tribesman who was killed along with his wife and three children at a farm in Wang Chao district of the western province of Tak on Sunday.

The truck was found near Huai Yai creek, in Ban Mae Lamao of Phop Phra district, by villagers who reported the find to the police. It is believed to have been stolen and used to escape from the crime scene, near a creek in Wang Chao district, by three Myanmar nationals.

The truck had already been recovered by the victim’s relatives when police arrived in Ban Pha Phueng, so the team went to the home of the victim’s relatives to impound and examine the vehicle.

Police questioned numerous villagers in the victim’s neighbourhood and were told that the murdered man had hired a group of Myanmar migrants to work in his tapioca field.

Police suspect that a conflict with the Myanmar workers may have been behind the murders.