11 July 2024

The legendary Carabao rock band, which has been entertaining Thai fans with its hugely popular songs for more than four decades, has decided to disband next March, with their last concert scheduled on April 1st next year, according to Yuenyong Opakul, aka “Add Carabao”, the band’s leader and lead singer.

“It is about time for us to let go and accept the truth that all of us are old, although we are still cool,” said Yuenyong, adding that, if anyone in the band wants to join other bands, they can do so.

He said he will continue to compose and produce songs for fans, with the help of his nephews “which will help me sleep well and in happiness, not for the sake of money.”

The Carabao band was founded in 1980 by three Thai students studying at a college in Manila, the Philippines. Carabao is a Tagalog name for buffalo.

The band shot to fame in late 1984 with its fifth album, Made in Thailand, which saw sales of five million cassettes, making it the highest selling album in Thailand ever. The band performed its first concert at the Hua Mark stadium on February 9th, 1985, which was attended by about 60,000 fans.

Carabao has released 29 albums over 40 years and several more tracks on special occasions.

The band now has eight members.