11 July 2024

The atmosphere in eight areas of Bangkok and its suburbs experienced excessive amounts of PM2.5 dust, above the 50-micron safety level, during the past two days and today, according to the Coordinating Centre to Solve Air Pollution in Bangkok.

At 6am today, the amount of PM2.5 in Bangkok and its peripherals was measured at between 21 and 69 microns, with excessive amounts being recorded in:

Kanchanapisek Road in Bang Khun Thian district ​​​​69 microns
 Omnoi sub-district in Krathum Ban district of Samut Sakhon province ​52 microns
 Paknam sub-district in Muang district of Samut Prakan​​​ 55 microns
Din Daeng Road in Din Daeng district, Bangkok​​​​ 51 microns
Rama 2 Road in Bang Khun Thian district ​​​​52 microns
Tha Phra cross Road in Bangkok Yai district​​​​ 52 microns
Khlong Thavee Wattana Road in Thavee Wattana district ​​59 microns
Ma Charoen Road in Nong Khaem district​​​​ 60 microns

Also, excessive amounts of PM10 are being detected on Kanchanapisek Road, in Bang Khun Thian district, and on Ma Charoen Road, in Nong Khaem district.

To deal with the poor air quality, city officials have sprayed water to wash away the dust on several roads and pavements. Trees along several roads were also washed down with water.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department forecasts the arrival of a new moderate cold weather system from China, which will initially bring rain to northern Thailand, to be followed by a drop in temperature from today until Monday.

More rain and isolated heavy rain is forecast for the southern region.