11 July 2024

Thailand’s former National Intelligence Agency deputy director Nanthiwat Samart has accused the US embassy in Bangkok of interfering in Thailand’s domestic affairs over the Constitutional Court’s decision on Friday to dissolve the Future Forward party and to ban its executive committee from politics for ten years.

In an online open letter, addressed to the US embassy, Mr. Nanthiwat said that each country has its own history, culture and tradition which does are not necessarily the same as each other’s.

“Friendly countries can express their fondness, concern and good wishes toward one another, but must respect each other’s differences and laws, which vary from country to country.  The US judicial system is completely different from that in Thailand.  America must not interfere and refrain from criticizing the law and judicial process of Thailand,” said the ex-NIA deputy chief.

“Politics is about the fight for power to administer a country.  The US must not openly take sides with any political party, otherwise the relations between the two countries and the people of Thailand and the US may be affected.  Hopefully, the US embassy understands diplomatic protocols,” said Mr. Nanthiwat at the end of his open letter.