11 July 2024

People can now check their eligibility to cast their ballots in the General Election on May 14th or in advance on May 7th, via three channels.

The first is to check the letter of notification sent to their residence by election officials. The second is to log onto the www.bora.dopa.go.th website or Smart Vote app and the third channel is to arrive in person at the polling station, provincial hall, district office, Tambon (sub-district) Administrative Organisation or municipal office, depending on where they live.

If they do not find their names on the list of eligible voters, as prepared by election officials, they can file a complaint with registration officials at the district office or local administrative office.

In case of the online checks, people can just fill in their ID card number to get access to the Election Commission’s (EC) lists of eligible voters and details of to which polling stations they can go to cast their ballot.

There are also tips from the EC about what they can and cannot do at the polling stations, and the penalties for breaking those rules.