11 July 2024

Thailand recorded eight new COVID-19 cases today, among arrivals from six countries in state quarantine, according to the CCSA.

The new infections include four Thai women and two Thai men, one male Indian engineer and one Spanish woman.

One Thai woman, working as a masseuse, returned from Japan, another, a 64-year old house maid, returned from Italy. The third returned from Germany and the fourth, a 29-year old student, returned from the UK. Two male Thai students, aged 27 and 30, also had returned from the UK.

The two foreigners found to be infected are a 48-year old Indian engineer, arriving from India, and a 34-year old Spanish woman, arriving from Spain.

Cumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 3,888, including 2,453 locally-transmitted cases and 1,435 imported cases. Total recoveries are 3,742 and 86 others are still being treated in hospitals.

Worldwide infections at 9am today reached 56,554,913, with 101,458 severe cases.  The global death toll stands at 1,354,552.  39,348,585 patients have recovered.

The world’s top five countries with highest infections are:

  1. USA         11,873,727
  2. India       8,958,143
  3. Brazil      5,947,403
  4. France    2,065,138
  5. Russia    1,991,998

Thailand ranks 151st.