11 July 2024

The Election Commission (EC) is expected to announce the election results formally for 475 out of the 500 electoral constituencies (95% of the ballots cast) sooner than the 60-day deadline, so coalition parties will be able to form a government, EC Chairman Itthiporn Boonpracong said on Saturday.

He said that election officials have been examining the poll results from more than 95,000 polling stations across the country and are investigating more than 280 allegations of electoral irregularities, implicating more than 20 candidates who won the May 14th election.

He said that he understands that the coalition parties’ are keen for the EC to approve the election results quickly, so they can finalise the formation of a new government, but he explained that the EC has to comply with the law strictly in approving and officially announcing the final results.

He offered an assurance that they are completing the process as quickly as possible and the results will be announced within the 60 days following the election and faster than it did in the general election four years ago.

If irregularities are found or vote counts are inaccurate, Itthiporn said the EC can either hold a fresh election, call a recount of votes in specific polling units or call a fresh election in specific areas or constituencies.

As for the complaint regarding Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat’s alleged shareholding in iTV media company, the EC chairman said that election officials are in the process of compiling evidence to be submitted to the EC for consideration.

He said he is unable to say if or when the case would be forwarded to the Constitutional Court for consideration.