11 July 2024

The Election Commission has completed redrawing of the boundaries of 350 election constituencies and the announcement of the revised constituency map will soon be published in the Royal Gazette.

The redrawing of the constituency boundaries was made possible by an executive order issued recently by Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha in his capacity as head of the National Council for Peace and Order.

During the redrawing process, the EC received altogether 95 complaints from 31 provinces regarding the constituency boundaries and they were considered by the EC on Monday and after which the map redrawing was completed and now ready for publication in the Royal Gazette.

According to the election timeline tentatively set by the EC, the organic bill on the election of MPs will come into force on December 11 to be followed by the issuance of an election Royal Decree which is due to become effective on December 26 and two days afterward on December 28 the EC will announce the election date and dates for applying for the candidacy of the election tentatively set on Janauary 14-18.