11 July 2024

Many eateries in Thailand’s deep-red zone provinces, including Bangkok, are having to adapt to the new COVID-19 restrictions, even though it means their income will decrease, after the CCSA announced that dining-in will be banned in these provinces and only take-away services will be allowed from tomorrow, May 1st.

One of the deep red zone eateries, in Pattaya, became unusually quiet after the new restrictions were announced yesterday.

The owner of the Krua Tuen Pattaya restaurant explained that the new restrictions will definitely have a huge impact on their business which, he admits, used to make a lot of money. The latest COVID-19 outbreak, however, has led to a decrease in customers. The restaurant has now changed its focus to delivery services.

The owner of Narnia Steak & Seafood restaurant, also in Pattaya, said that they will comply with the restrictions, even if it means a decrease in their income, while the operating costs stay the same. She said that her restaurant will start work earlier, focus on delivery services and provide free delivery to nearby addresses.

Meanwhile, a few eateries in Bangkok have already put up signs, indicating the change of opening hours and lack of dining-in service, from tomorrow until May 14th

Many members of the Bang Bua community, in Bangkok’s Lak Si district, say they feel that the new restrictions are necessary. In fact, most of them say that the restrictions should have been imposed before the Songkran holidays, when many people travelled back to their home provinces.