11 July 2024

Durian season is coming, and who doesn’t love durian?

The scent of toasted bread, stuffed with homemade durian custard, is now a speciality at this food shop in Bang Pong district of Ratchaburi province.

The owner of HULA HULA food shop, Nichadapa Dechapattanapanya, who created durian custard toast, says she wants to serve customers who love durian, which is often called “the king of Thai fruit”.

The durian custard, as she explains, is a mixture of Mon-Thong durian and homemade cream custard, which has a unique sweetness and aroma while being eaten with toasted bread.

Nichadapa is a dedicated foodie, who loves street food, cooking and baking. She decided to open her food shop in her hometown, and chose toasted bread as the main menu item, as it is a good snack for customers of all ages.

Apart from durian custard, she offers 10 other flavours, such as Thai tea custard, coffee, choco-banana, milk and “Aloha Jam”. Prices start at 20 baht per serving.