11 July 2024

Thailand’s Disease Control Department has released guidelines and rules for stays in field hospitals.

They are:

-Bring your own personal items, such as cutlery, toiletries, clothes, towels and medication

-Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sharp items and gambling equipment are not allowed, and do not bring expensive items that are likely to be stolen

-No food or drinks from outside are allowed, as the field hospital will provide them

-Patients must stay in the building at all times

-Patients are not allowed to switch or swap beds

-Face-masks must be worn at all times

-Shower and change your clothes every day

-Refrain from eating with others or holding activities in groups

-Keep the place tidy

-Inform the medical staff immediately if your symptoms get worse (increased fever or worsening cough)

Meanwhile, the Crime Suppression Division has also posted a warning on its Facebook page, stating that those who secretly take pictures or videos of other patients, and publish them on social media without the subject’s consent, can be prosecuted for invasion of personal privacy.

The post came after a female patient complained about a photo of her published on social media, which was taken without her consent.

According to the Computer Crime Act, those who publish photos of other patients in field hospitals on social media, which cause embarrassment or hold them up for ridicule, can be subject to three years in prison and/or a fine up to 200,000 baht or both.