11 July 2024

Don Muang Tollway will increase tolls on the elevated expressway by Bt5-10 on December 22, in accordance with its concession contract with the Highways Department, according to the company’s CEO, Sombath Phanichewa.

Under the contract, tolls can be adjusted every five years by 5-10 baht, until it expires on September 12, 2034.

From December 22, the new toll for four-wheel vehicles will rise 10 baht, from 80 to 90. For larger vehicles, the toll will increase by 10 baht, 120 baht for a journey from Din Daeng to Don Mueang.

From Don Mueang to the National Memorial, the rise is 5 baht, to Bt35 for four-wheel vehicles and to Bt50 for larger ones.

Photo : Don Muang Tollway