Doctor suggests prayer as she describes the desperate situation at Ban Paew Hospital

Ban Paew Hospital Samut Sakhon

“At this moment when science, medicine and medical treatment are not easily accessible, we will have to rely on the deities,” said Dr. Sandy, a pseudonym used for a Facebook page run by a doctor, with a following of over 5,500 people.

The doctor at Ban Paew district hospital, in Thailand’s coastal province of Samut Sakhon, posted an image of the scene in front of the hospital’s emergency ward, showing a row of COVID-19 patients lying on stretchers waiting for empty hospital beds.

She said that some of them had died while waiting and that there is a shortage of ventilators.

“The number of deaths that the government announces every day is not just figures, they are human beings,” she said, adding that some children became orphans because they lose their parents to COVID-19. Some families are all infected, 10 living together and 10 infected.

The doctor disclosed that, the other day, a four-month old Myanmar baby was admitted, adding that the child was clear of the disease when he was born in March or April, although the mother was infected but, this time around, both the mother and the baby were infected with different COVID-19 variants.

She said she has been asked the same question by many people,about when the COVID-19 pandemic will be gone. He admitted that he does not have the answer, adding that she had seen a TV program in which a fortune teller said that situation may improve in October, but for the time being, he recommended that we just pray for help from the Almighty.

Samut Sakhon is one of the 13 “Dark Red” provinces. COVID-19 infections in the province have been on a steady rise, logging 1,147 cases on Wednesday.


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