12 July 2024
About a dozen footprints, from what is believed to have been a Theropod dinosaur, which existed on Earth about 140 million years ago, have recently been found embedded in stone in the Phu Pha Lek national park in Kud Bak district of Thailand’s northeastern province of Sakhon Nakhon.
Park chief, Mr. Rangsan Laopa, said today that the dinosaur footprints were located during a field survey of an area south of Phu Tarn Luang monastery, in Ban Kud Haet in Mud Bak district, by a team of geological experts and local officials from the district office on Monday and Tuesday.
The footprints were found in two locations embedded in sandstone.
The team took pictures of the footprints for closer examination to make sure that they belong to the carnivorous Theropod.
There were many species of Theropod, which ranged in size from a chicken to an elephant and all of them were carnivorous.
Fossil expert, Dr. Waravuth Sutheethorn, said that the find is significant because, previously, similar footprints were found in Kalasin, another northeastern province.