11 July 2024

About 50 million Thai people, who are eligible to receive the 10,000 baht benefit under the digital wallet scheme, will receive the payments within the fourth quarter of this year, Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat announced at a press conference this afternoon.

He said that the scheme is making progress. The fact-finding sub-committee is expected to complete its findings soon and be ready to present them to the digital wallet policy committee, along with the observations and recommendations of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, this Wednesday. The reports will then be submitted to the Finance Ministry.

Julapun said that the digital wallet policy committee is expected to meet on April 10th to summarise all the details and conditions related to the scheme, for presentation to the cabinet.

He predicted that, within the third quarter, registration for people who are eligible to benefit from the scheme and stores which want to participate will start, adding that the eligibility qualifications remain unchanged and the “pao tang” application will be used for the disbursements.

The deputy finance minister said he could not, however, confirm whether the approximately 500 billion baht needed to fund the scheme will come from additional borrowing or from the national budget.

“Everything will be clear by April 10,” said the minister, as he assured that the digital wallet scheme will proceed and those eligible will definitely receive the money.

He also offered an assurance that the scheme will not be further delayed and all the coalition parties have been kept informed about the progress of the scheme and have voiced full support for it.