11 July 2024

The first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand has come to an end, after the country has not seen a case of local, or community infection for 44 consecutive days, said Dr. Anupong Sujariyakul, an expert attached to the Disease Control Department, today (Wednesday).

He warned, however, that Thailand must now be prepared for the possibility of a second wave of infections, as the contagion is still spreading in many parts of the world, with several countries already experiencing a second wave.

As far as Thailand is concerned, Dr. Anupong said that the Ministry of Public Health supports the Government’s plan to open the country cautiously, in order to restart its ailing economy, while still keeping our guard up, by strictly observing the basic rules of wearing face masks, regular hand cleaning and social distancing.

Regarding the warning from scientists in 32 countries to the WHO, that coronavirus can be transmitted through airborne droplets smaller than 5 microns, Dr. Anupong said that the Thai Public Health Ministry had previously explained that the contagion can be transmitted through airborne droplets in an enclosed environment, such as in intensive care units, but not in open spaces with good ventilation and sunshine.

“If COVID-19 can be easily transmitted through the air, like tuberculosis, then worldwide infections would not be just 11-12 million cases, but many more,” he said, as he advised the public not to be overly concerned about airborne contagion at this point.