11 July 2024

Trang province has introduced an underwater attraction for SCUBA divers, called the “Curve of Secrets” at Waen Island, where visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the rare and untouched beauty beneath the waves of the Andaman Sea.

Waen Island is being promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand as an alternative dive location, in addition to the 4 main dive sites in the province. At the “Curve of Secrets”, divers will find vibrantly coloured soft corals, known as underwater Sakura.

Coloured red, white, yellow, blue, pink and pinkish-white, these soft corals can only be seen when there is a suitable current and bright sunlight, to illuminate the seabed.

Divers may, however, find getting there challenging and some conditions can prevent the Sakura from blooming, as they need the right currents to do so. As such, divers will have to rely on some luck to catch the blooming of underwater Sakura.

The first undersea wedding in the world was held at Waen Island in 1996.