11 July 2024
Crime Suppression Division in Phuket to probe murder of foreigner

Bangkok-based police, from the Crime Suppression Division, have been sent to Phuket to help local police in the investigation into the murder of a foreign man, who was shot by two gunmen, also believed to be foreigners, at a villa in Rawai sub-district on Friday night.

National Police Chief, Pol Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk and his deputy, Pol Gen Suchart Thirasawat, were in Phuket today (Monday) to discuss the case and the investigation with the local force.

Royal Thai Police Deputy Spokesman Pol Col Krisana Pattanacharoen told the media that the police chief warned police in charge of the case to exercise extra caution, as the gunmen are armed and considered dangerous.

Crime Suppression Division in Phuket to probe murder of foreigner

According to Pol Col Krisana, the victim used a fake passport to enter Phuket on January 27th, arriving on a private jet.

Commander of the Foreign Division Pol Maj-Gen Khemarin Hatsiri, said yesterday that the they had been informed by their Canadian counterparts that the deceased man was being treated as a person under watch by the Canadian police.

It is reported that the victim had his Canadian nationality revoked and was deported from Canada for alleged criminal activity.

The victim was reportedly shot more than 10 times by the two gunmen, who approached him as he was about to enter his room at the villa after parking his car.