12 July 2024

People suffering from high blood pressure account for most of the fatalities from coronavirus infections, compared to those with other underlying health conditions according to the Disease Control Department.

According to medical reports, 17% of COVID patients, who are also suffering from hypertension, are likely to develop an abnormal heart beat, 7% an infection of the heart muscles and 9% of circulatory failure, which will lead to heart failure.

This group of vulnerable people needs to be vaccinated, so that they will have sufficient immunity to protect them from severe illness or death in case they are infected with coronavirus, said the department’s deputy director-general Dr.Preecha Prempree, adding that people with high blood pressure can still be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Director of Non-communicable Disease Division Dr. Krisada Hanbunjerd, said that over six million people across the country, with the exception of Bangkok, who have hypertension have registered for treatment at state-operated health facilities, including 2.4 million who are unable to control their blood pressure.

Those who cannot control their blood pressure are at a risk of developing several complications, such as stroke, heart disease, kidney failure or paralysis and, if they are infected with COVID-19, their condition will be more serious than those who have no blood pressure problems.

Dr. Krisda offered a few tips for those with hypertension:

  • Taking medication as recommended by their doctors on regular basis and non-stop and seeing their doctors when appointed
  • Refraining from eating sweet, oily or salty food and avoiding other condiments.
  • Eating more fruit and vegetables
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking
  • Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, as this will help heart function

He also advised people with hypertension to get enough sleep before their vaccination appointment and those who are on blood clot medication must notify medical personnel at the vaccination facilities in advance, to prevent undesirable side effects, and take no exercise for 2-4 hours after vaccination.